IPX 500/3000/4000



ISDN/BRI/PRI/E1/T1, IP, VoIP, DECT System, Qsig.
Hot Standby, ACD-Call Centre, VPN, Integrated VMS
Digital Phones, IP Phones, Remote Shelf
Networking, Users up to 30000 and more


Accounts Codes, Attendant Feature Set, Automated Number Identification (ANI)
Automatic Route Selection (Route Optimization), Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
Optional Auto set Relocate, Basic Rate Interface (BRI)
Battery Backup-RAM, Battery Backup, Boss Groups
Centrex Operation, Transfer Buffer, Classes of Service (COS)
Combined Night Answer, Optional Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)
Optional Conference-Lock View/Forced Release, Console-less Operation
Cordless Phone Connection, Day/Night Assistance Alert
Database Programming, Dial Call Pickup Directed, Call Pickup
Dictation Access, Digit Train Conversion, Creation, Deletion and Inversion
Digit Train Translation, Optional Digital Announcer (4VSN)
Direct-in-Dial Editing, Grouping and Second Dial Tone
Distributed Architecture, Microprocessors & Software
Optional DECT Facility, Emergency Calls E-911 (USA Version)
Emergency Timeslot Reservation, Optional Enhance Conference
Executive Privilege SMDR, Expanded Dialing Plan, Flash Memory Support
Flexible Tone Plan, Optional Forced Authorization Code (FAC)
Optional Interactive Voice Response (IVR) on ACD, ISDN Support (PRI and BRI)
Optional Networking Features, PC Based Console, Port to Port Connection
Predetermined Night Answer, Programming Interface, Public Speed Call Library
Optional Qsig-Qnet Network Features, Recall/Incomplete Destination
Recall/No Answer on E and M Tie Lines, Redial Last, Reminder, Room Status
Relay Activation, Reminder Call, Remote Maintenance, Optional Remote Shelf
Restrictions-Station, Ring back, Ring back–Immediate, Ring back-Secondary
Saved Number Repeat , Series Call, Silent Monitor
SMDR Backup, SMDR Call Records Storage, Call Transfer Tracking
SMDR Cost Calculation (SMDR CC), SMDR Report Generation
Speed Dial Library-Restriction by Bank, Speed Dial Public (System) an Private
Stop Dial, 3-Way Conference, 3-Way with two Incoming Calls
System Class of Service Changeover, System Clock and Diagnostics
System Management-Multiple Password Protected Levels, System Tones
Tenant Service Class of Services, Tenant Service Ranking
Toll Restriction-Digit Analysis, Trunk Groups
Trunk Answer from any Station, Uniform Call Distribution (UCD)
Optional Verified Forced Authorization Codes (VFAC)
Virtual Numbers, Voice Mail Interface
Voice Mail & Automated Attendant (Integrated), Whisper Page
Optional Wireless Telephone System(WTS)