Sigma INDX

BPL Sigma INDX - is  designed for multiple networks applications. This system has a fully integrated advanced telecommunication platform, and comes with a proven digital non-blocking technology. The sigma INDX offers speed, capacity and cost effective high performance communication system. Built on the Universal Port Architecture, the system gives a choice for any slot to be used as a line, trunk or common service unit for voice & data transmission.

The sigma INDX 250/150 is a Digital Switching system that uses PCM-TDM technology integrating voice, data and video transmission on a single platform. Based on 32 bit microprocessor, the system is capable of handling high traffic throughput. It can be connected to P&T central office trunk. It can support E&M, and Loop type tie lines.



208 subscribers / 32 trunks

Stored program control with flash RAM database

Interface with PLCC, E&M, CO trunks, E&M Networks

EI Trunks &BWT

Universal Port for easy swapping of subscriber and trunks

PC/DFF based console & programmable class of Service.

Duplication of all control cards with automatic Changeover.

In-built self diagnostics.

Field programmable using console.

Digital subscriber available, Support two operator console.

Duplication / redundancy possible for PSU / CPC.

Fully non blocking switching networks.

Modular in construction, Flexible digit analysis.

Integrated voice and data switching, Paging, Transmit calls.

Trunk grouping , Alternate routing, Four party conference.

Optional output for PC / VDU for maintenance.

4-Wire E&M trunks for PLCC trunks.